Pahadi Rajma & Rice - Combo Packs


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Rajma and Rice are a match made in heaven, and also in the mountains! Especially when they come from the mountains, we are quite certain you'll experience a spoonful of paradise in every bite. You can choose from our various combo packs of pahadi rajma and chawal. Munsyari Rajma: This white Rajma cultivated at high altitudes of 7800 feet is delicously buttery in taste and also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Joshimath Rajma: This rajma with freckled red skin is highly fibrous, anti-acidic and easily digestible. Red Rajma: Found in the famous Pindari belt of Uttarakhand, Red Rajma is the most popular variety of Pahadi rajma. It's an excellent source of protein, iron and vitamins. Red Rice: Grown in the rain-fed region of the Uttarakhand Himalaya this rice gets its colour from the antioxidant called anthocyanin. This antioxidant also makes red rice a healthy choice. Pahadi Rice is an aromatic, long-grained rice with a firm texture and delicate flavour. Note: Trishulii's products are special because they come to you directly from a farmer coperative all the way from Uttarakhand. The fact that you are buying from them directly, positively impacts their revenue. Our products are grown with love and sans chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Trishulli's products are grown in the pollution free environment of Himalayas, which takes us longer to them to you, but also allows us to guarantee the purity of the product.

Joshimath, Uttarakhand

Trishulii is a 100% farmer-owned cooperative based in Uttarakhand. Set up in 2016 and supported by Himmotthan Society and Tata Trusts, the organisation works in 11 districts and comprises over 4000 farmers.

Store in a cool dry place. Best before 10 months from the date of packaging.

The best thing about Pahadi Rajmas is that they are extremely flavourful and taste delicious with mild spices or even no spices at all! Here's a simple recipe you can use as a foundation, and experiment with spices as you like.
  • Soak the Joshimath Rajma overnight and then drain the water.
  • Pour enough water to cover the rajma, and pressure cook with salt and bay leaves.
  • Prepare your gravy separately with cumin, onion, tomatoes, garam masala (cloves, cinnamon, cardamom), and dry spices (turmeric, corriander powder, chilly powder).
  • Add the boiled rajma, and mix well along with some of the water used to boil the rajma. Cover and cook till the rajma absorbs the flavours of the spices. Serve with Pahadi rice! :)
Some recipes from the mountains use local spices like 'timur' and 'gandhaini' and some also use a yogurt base with spices for the gravy instead of onions and tomatoes.
Cooking time: About 5-6 whistles. The cooking time for your Rajma may vary depending on your cooking technique, preference, and climatic conditions. 


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