1. What does Little Local do?

We are a social enterprise that works with rural communities on improving livelihood and market access. We have an online store where you can shop for local, authentic and best-quality food and craft products, directly from farmers, artisans and rural entrepreneurs. Our aim is to bridge the rural-urban gap, and provide a platform for communities to sell their products directly to you, and for you to be able to access trusted, verified communities that make beautiful products that are hard to find otherwise. 

2. What kind of products do we showcase on Little Local? 
Food products that are naturally farmed, without any chemical inputs or preservatives, and grown by small farmers in villages across India. 
Craft and textile products that are handmade, many times made using traditional techniques and art and craft forms that are slowly disappearing. 

3. How do we select our partner communities?
We only work with community-organisations, which means farmer cooperatives, artisan self-help groups and grassroots organisations that are deeply involved with the communities on skilling, capacity building and livelihood development. Many of our partners are organisations we have worked with in the past. And some of our newer partnerships come through referrals from existing partners.

4. How can you partner with Little Local?
We are always keen to discuss partnership opportunities and grow our partner network. We want to work with organisations who are deeply committed to their communities, follow ethical and environmentally sustainable practices, exercise transparency in all stages of production and want to build resilient rural communities. If you would like to connect with us for partnerships, or would like to nominate someone you know, please write to us at hello@littlelocal.in

5. How can you shop on Little Local? 
The simplest way to shop on Little Local is to visit our online store, where we showcase all products that are currently available. 
You could also follow us on our Instagram page, where we regularly update all product-related info. 
For all other purchase queries, like custom or bulk orders, please write to us at hello@littlelocal.in 

6. Why do our products sometimes look different from the ones in the photographs?
All products in our Little Local ecosystem are either grown by small farmer communities or handcrafted by traditional craft persons, all based in rural India. 
Our food products are all naturally farmed, grown without any chemical inputs and do not contain artificial preservatives. This means that sometimes there are slight variations in size and colour, but this does not mean there is any issue with the quality or nutritional value. 
Our craft and textile products are all handmade, and the artisans spend hours creating each piece, many times using art forms and techniques that are slowly disappearing. This means, there might be products that have a slightly different weave or stitch, but again, this does not mean there is any defect. 

7. How can you customize products?
We do take some custom orders, based on product and partner feasibility. And we would love to custom curate products and product hampers, for your special occasions and for the coming festive season. Please write to us at hello@littlelocal.in with your request and we’ll get in touch!  

8. How can you track your order? And how long would it generally take to reach?
We will send you tracking details once your order has been shipped. For most of our orders, we will use Delhivery. For a few remote locations, we will use Speed Post.  
All Delhivery orders will take between 5-10 business days, after getting shipped. Speed Post orders may take longer, up to 15-20 days.  

9. Why can't we offer one-day delivery?
All our partners are based in remote locations. Your products get shipped after you have placed your order. Some textile partners will actually make the finished product, after receiving your order. 
That’s why we factor around 7-10 business days on average for our orders. 

10. What is the Returns & Refunds policy?
We sincerely hope you don’t need to do this, but in the rare chance you need to, you can write to us at hello@littlelocal.in with all the details and we will conduct an internal check, and if approved we will proceed with the refund. Full policy details are linked here. 

11. Do we accept cancellations? 
Again, we hope you don’t have to. But in case you need to, please write to us at hello@littlelocal.in before your order is shipped and we can take the request.  

12. How can you stay up to date on news from Little Local? 
Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We’ll keep updating our social handles with products, stories and other fun things from our partner communities. 
If you like our social media content, please share and tag us. And when you buy something on Little Local, please leave a review on our website and give us a shout on social media. 
We are a very small organisation and your support would mean the world to us, and really help us reach more people like you!