All products in our Little Local ecosystem are either grown by small farmer communities or handcrafted by traditional craft persons, all based in rural India. 

Our food products are all naturally farmed, grown without any chemical inputs and do not contain artificial preservatives. This means that sometimes there are slight variations in size and colour, but this does not mean there is any issue with the quality or nutritional value. 

Our craft and textile products are all handmade, and the artisans spend hours creating each piece, many times using art forms and techniques that are slowly disappearing. This means, there might be products that have a slightly different weave or stitch, but again, this does not mean there is any defect. 

We really hope that you love the products from Little Local just as much as we do, and don't need to return them. However, in the rare chance that you do need to return a product due to a damage/ defect - 

  • Please write to us at within 7 days of order receipt and mention ‘Request for Return & Refund’ as the email subject. 
  • Please mention the details of the product, including photographs and a description of the damage.
  • We will conduct an internal verification process with our partners, to understand why the damage occurred and get back to you with a final response.  
  • Once your request is approved, we will initiate the refund process. 
  • Please allow us 5-7 business days for the refund request to be processed. The entire amount except for shipping costs (as per actuals) will be refunded.