Premium Dried Apricots

Julley Ladakh

Rs. 525(*Includes taxes and shipping cost)

Our best-seller is back! Packed with nutrients and low on calories, our Ladakhi dried apricots are your perfect healthy snack. Naturally sweet (with NO added sugar), these apricots are popularly known as the 'world's sweetest apricots'. They contain zero preservatives and have been grown with a lot of love by Julley Ladakh, a farmer-cooperative in Ladakh.

When you shop from communities like Julley Ladakh-

  • You consume food that is naturally grown, without any chemical inputs, and completely traceable to the source.
  • Farmers go beyond only selling to traders, and participate in the entire value chain of harvesting, sorting, packing, and finally marketing and selling their produce directly to you.
  • This directly leads to higher income for farmers and the development of business & entrepreneurship skills in rural communities.

We hope you enjoy the world's sweetest apricots as much as we do! 

Please be assured - This product has been tested for nutrition and safety parameters, and is fully compliant with FSSAI regulations. 

Sham Valley, Ladakh

Julley Ladakh is a 100% farmer-owned cooperative that works towards creating sustainable livelihood options and improving market access for farmers in Ladakh. The organisation is part of the Leh Livelihood Initiative implemented by Himmotthan Society and Tata Trusts. Julley Ladakh is selling its products outside Ladakh and online for the first time.

Keep in a dry and cold place away from direct sunlight, moisture, and humidity. Best before two months from the date of packing (unopened). Once the vacuum seal is removed, store in an air-tight container and consume within 2-3 weeks.

Enjoy your dried apricots daily, by eating them plain, mixed with other dry fruits, or even added to your salad/ muesli. 

This is a popular recipe served as a sweet and made in homes all over Ladakh. We call them Soaked Apricot Rasgullas!

  • Take a handful of Julley Ladakh's premium dried apricots.
  • Soak them in water for 6-7 hours, till all the water is absorbed by the dried apricots.
  • Use hot water for quick soaking. If you are soaking the dried apricots in cold water it's better to soak them overnight.
  • When the apricots are plump and have soaked all the water, your naturally sweet Soaked Apricot Rasgullas are ready.

    'Dried apricots have been a major commodity of trade for farmers in Sham Valley for many generations. We traded them for wool, meat and nambu fabric with the Changpas, and for barley and wheat with farmers in the Upper Indus belt. We even traded them along the Silk Route with neighbouring countries like Tibet, Mongolia, and East Turkestan. We hope you enjoy these apricots and appreciate their significance in our rich cultural history.' - Sonam Yangchan, Farmer, Takmachik Village, Ladakh.


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